Video of creepy smilers advertising Smile movie during baseball game impresses fans


People believe that the movie Smile had the best advertising because they placed some creepy smiles during a baseball game to get the crowd’s attention.

Advertising has always been a big part of any film and in the age of digital media, the makers and publicists of Smile decided to take a different route.

Something unconventional, but definitely something that managed to get a lot of attention from people on social media.

The movie Smile places creepy smiles

As part of their promotion, it was decided that a couple of people showing off a creepy smile would be a distraction after a baseball game that was between the Yankees and the Mets.

The idea was that these people would wear t-shirts with bright colors and “Smile” written on them. During the game, these people managed to catch everyone’s attention.

Before long, social media was flooded with videos and photos of the same. People were impressed with the marketing and talking about it on social media.

One user he wrote: “Smile’s marketing team deserves the biggest raise because it looked like a generic horror movie and now I’m excited about it.”

Next he added: “If I wasn’t a scaredy cat, I’d probably go see Smile, purely based on the marketing.”

The director was worried about her success

While one would think this was a great marketing strategy, director Parker Finn had his doubts and opened up about the same in an interview with EW.

In an interview, Parket admitted that they all hoped that people would notice the creepy smiles and it would cause a social uproar.

It definitely got everyone talking. He said: “I have to say that Paramount’s marketing was very clever with some of the tricks they had up their sleeve for this film. That’s something that was discussed a while ago and we’re all kind of crossing our fingers that it gets noticed.”

He continued: “It just happened organically and it was amazing how much it took off. It was instantly everywhere. I thank them for their great idea.”

What is this movie about?

Smile follows the life of a clinical psychiatrist who notices something unusual about a patient. However, she quickly realizes that something is not right around her when people start behaving differently.

As a series of events unfold before her, she understands that something evil may be lurking in the shadows.

The movie has already been released and can be seen in theaters.

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