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Sitting 16 points adrift of third place with 19 games remaining in the season, Burnley could easily adjust their position and perhaps switch to Premier League planning.

The reason they are here is because Vincent Kompany would never allow such a thing.

“My blood boils,” he says. sky sports, After winning the Sky Bet Championship Manager of the Month award for December. “It’s a very difficult thing for me as a person to accept.

“I think complacency is the biggest threat to our game and the way we’re playing right now. When he’s relaxed, he’s a little softer.

“Sean Dyche was here before me and this club has always been tough and naturally aggressive towards players. That drive is so important and I wanted to continue to see how we can do even more of what we’re doing.

“It helped a lot with our transition.”

Vincent Kompany pictured with the Burnley team after winning Sky Bet Championship Manager of the Month for December

And there was a shift. When it comes to style of play, you can throw everything you think you know about Burnley out the window.

Kompany’s team is full of attack, possession, agility, excitement and goalscoring. They have won seven in a row and are on their way to an immediate return from the league.

A slow start filled with too many shutouts – seven in their first 12 – has been replaced by a relentless winning streak. They have dropped points only twice in their last 15 league games.

The Company has a smile on its face when it speaks, but behind it is a steely aura. The drive that brought him to the top as a player did not escape him as a manager. The players have a desire to be the best.

The company team rose to the top of the championship

Success leads to success. And he doesn’t let his team rest on their laurels.

“I’m happy most of the time,” he says. “But I’m never satisfied.

“I felt very comfortable that the team would improve and progress, which made sense because we have a lot of new players coming in.

“But I think they can still improve, and that’s what we’re looking for every day. If they weren’t so coachable and eager to improve, I wouldn’t be so happy. , but they did an incredibly good job in that aspect.

“I can’t score for anyone. I can’t keep score either. I’m sitting here with a reward for what the players did. All credit goes to them. I just want it to continue.”

Friday, January 20, 7:30 p.m

Starts at 20:00

We could sit here all day and talk about the impressive players the Company has brought in this season.

Thanks to his knowledge of the Belgian market after his time at Anderlecht, he recruited notable examples such as Anas Zarouri, Manuel Benson and Vitinho, while the Premier League loan trio of Nathan Tella, Jan Maatsen and Taylor Harwood – Bellis also played a key role.

Maatsen is Chelsea’s 20-year-old Dutch left-back who, given all the problems at the moment, could start well for the Blues, but instead he is the best in the Championship – and Kompany believes he is exactly right. place of development.

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Chelsea loanee Jan Maatsen stunned Burnley in the Swansea match.

“Ian does what he has to do,” Kompany says. “The way he is, he makes a game of his skills and tools, not what other players want.

“He is part of a very solid list of players who have done very well for us this season. The ingredients are always the same. He has to be coachable, which means if he’s not doing well, we have to be able to tell him and ultimately learn from his mistakes. He has to be willing to work hard, he will do it brilliantly and he will improve.

“He’s become the person we’ve been waiting for. He’s a very, very versatile defender with a lot of energy and potential.”

Alongside Maatsen, Harwood-Bellis has another 20-year-old defender on loan from Manchester City and an England U21 international who can’t be too far off Gareth Southgate’s radar.

“To be a centre-back in such a physical league at his age and the consistency of play he has shown speaks volumes for talent and potential,” the company said. “It is not easy and cannot be ignored.

“I’ve known him since he was young, and if he continues to improve, he has a great future in the game. I’m glad I could help a little with that.”

Harwood-Bellis must have been inspired by the manager he played for growing up. Both joined Manchester City in 2008, although Harwood-Bellis was just six at the time and Kompany was 22.

Taylor Harwood-Bellis has also had a great season so far

The Clarets boss spent his formative years in Belgium and then the Bundesliga, but would have fancied a crack at the second tier if given the chance.

“I’ve said before that I think I’m a championship player at heart! My ability was a little bit higher, which helped me to be higher,” Kompany said.

“There is nothing in this league that I don’t like as a center back. The championship is fun. There doesn’t seem to be anything else out there. To be honest, it was very unexpected.

“It looks like it’s easy because we have a lot of points, but it’s the opposite. Every game was tough and there was no real difference between the teams at the top and the teams at the bottom. It’s very difficult and I expect it to be like that until the end of the season.”

Another aspect of the second tier that the Company has enjoyed is the camaraderie between the other managers – even considering the extremely high turnover this season.

The man who could invite Pep Guardiola to the board felt the same way about his Championship contemporaries.

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Highlights from the Sky Bet Championship game between Burnley and Coventry City

“I started getting inspiration from other places than I thought,” he says. “Obviously, Pep was a benchmark and a starting point for me, but I used to talk to a lot of managers.

“There’s a real environment where there’s a lot more support among managers than people outside.

“That’s why I speak to the managers before I come to the Championship and I spoke to the Championship managers who gave me advice on how to do my job in this league. I’m very open about that.”

The company may love the league life, but the nature of the league is that the more successful you are, the less you spend there.

It is unlikely that he will stay for long, but no matter how much you try to pressure him with questions about the future, he will not move forward in any way.

Doing such things leads to complacency. And he does not want his blood to boil again.

“I don’t want to have a goal or a ceiling that’s too high,” he says. “You just have to keep improving and then we’ll see.

“If we had set a target at the beginning of the season, we would have said mid-table because of the difficulties we have had to endure this summer. But things have gotten better since then, and we want to keep improving. From here.

“But I’m not going to let anyone lock us into random metrics. We still have 19 games to go. In three or four months, even if we argue, repeat it to me.

“What I’m telling you is how important it is to win the next game. It means the world to me.”

Even against West Brom on Friday night – live Olympic Games Football – It would be very difficult to prevent the company from continuing its winning machine.

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