WATCH: Doja Cat Getting Yelled at by an Island Boys Member on TikTok Live


Doja Cat finds herself in a predicament when she accidentally starts living with one of the members of the rap duo Island Boys.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Doja Cat stuck in a live session with a member of the Island Boys

On September 26, a Doja Cat video started circulating on social media. It features her awkward encounter with Island Boys member Flyysoulja when she accidentally joins his TikTok Live.

In addition, the Say So singer seemed surprised as she tried to make the least awkward escape. She even asked Flyysoulja for help. However, the tattoo-faced rhymer didn’t look too thrilled.

The 26-year-old rapper asked: How do I get you out of Live? No offense, but I don’t want to do this anymore.’

Flyysoulja replied disgustingly on her hand: “She wants to get me out of Live? Are you serious? Okay, do you really want to get me out of Live? Your attention span is too short, huh?’

@dojafantasy didn’t want to talk to him 😂😂 #dojacat #doja #foryou #fypシ #viral #funny #comedy #femalerapper #rap #islandboys ♬ original sound – DojaFantasy

Doja Cat then says, “Yes, that small.”

The 21-year-old artist counters: “OK, my attention span is also short, but…”

However, Doja Cat quickly interrupts his rant by saying, “How do I do this? Help’

Flyysoulja seems to have lost his cool over the release of Doja Cat as he yelled, “Look at me!”

Fortunately, after that, rapper Planet Her leaves the live session and the video ends.

Doja Cat trolls fans over new album genre

Doja Cat is currently working on her new studio album. It will be the follow-up to her Grammy-nominated album Planet Her.

However, she recently trolled her Twitter fans by hinting at the artistic direction of her new untitled project.

Doja Cat said in one of her tweets: ‘I’m not doing a German rave culture album you guys, I was just kidding the store that interviewed me about it.’

Additionally, she wrote: ‘I’m making an R&B album. Straight R&B, no rap.”

She continued, “I lied.” I’m making an experimental jazz album. I thought it would be funny to lead you to believe I was doing r&b because I knew it would work, but now I’m doing experimental jazz, the honest truth.”

Later, however, she finally revealed that her new album will be of the rock genre. She even shared the title of the album which is ‘Rock Out Volume 1 The Abyss 5000.’


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