WATCH: Kimbella Matos and Safaree’s intimate video Leaked online


An intimate video of Instagram star Kimbella Matos and American rapper Safaree recently leaked online, sending users into a frenzy. While it’s still unclear how the Twitter account got their hands on their own video, the said account only showed a few moments before directing fans to their paid Patreon page to access the full video. Kimbella Matos has yet to comment on the video, but the rapper took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the unexpected circumstances. He noted: “I am undertaking a fully legitimate and criminal action. The individual who pays for it will not let it go unnoticed.”

An intimate video of Safaree Samuels and Kimbella Matos was leaked online on August 11 via social media accounts such as Twitter and Reddit. Kimbell Matos and Safaree’s relationship has been all the rage ever since the couple confirmed their romance a few months ago. However, the couple faced some ups and downs when Safaree’s ex Erica Meena called out Kimbell Matos via social media. Currently, a video of the couple is posted on the web.

Kimbell Matos is a model and host with an online entertainment following of over 800k. Most of her content revolves around her showing off her padding as she flaunts her fit body. He also has his own OnlyFans page where he regularly posts content. Kimbella Matos stood out as truly remarkable after her relationship with Safaree became known. However, the couple has not transparently noted how long they have been together.

Kimbella Matos and Safaree intimate video leaks online

On August 11, an intimate video of Safaree and Kimbella Matos was leaked online. Where the content was taken, it is messed up. However, it didn’t take long for the content to circulate around the web. A few groups started posting and sharing the video on their profiles and before long it was trending on Twitter. Individuals also shared it on Reddit. While some of them have been carried over to somewhere close to the actual stage, there are many more. Kimbella didn’t mention it at this point. Despite the fact that the rapper ended his silence on the equivalent.

Since then, the pair have remained silent about the leaked video. In any case, on August 12, Safaree finally broke his silence and revealed that he would be taking legal action against the person who posted the video. He said: “I am taking fully legitimate and criminal action against this. Whoever did it will pay. What’s more, I don’t relax in the same way. Don’t let this 1 go unaddressed. This is a cybercrime and I am wringing full charges!!” Right now it is unclear who posted the video or who posted it on social media first. The rapper has not provided any further updates.

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