WATCH: Lil Pump Not Getting Recognized While Standing In A Massive Crowd In Japan


American rapper Lil Pump is being roasted online over a viral TikTok video that showed him confused about not being recognized while standing in a massive crowd in Japan. The TikTok platform is the main place where content goes viral on the internet, and analysts certainly don’t hold back on their opinions on the app’s latest patterns, trends and influences. Recently, the mainstream celebrity stepped up on stage during his trip to Japan, and commentators couldn’t resist the opportunity to laugh at his confused reaction to the situation unfolding (or rather, not unfolding) around him.

American rapper Lil Pump made a belated trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, but a particular part of his trip is getting a lot of attention and has become a viral sensation on the web. In the TikTok clip, Lil Pump remains on a busy Tokyo road as crowds mingle around him. He’d probably get harassed by fans regularly in America…however, in Japan he doesn’t seem to be that unmistakable to everyone. Lil Pump seemed to be completely confused by this new development and surprisingly, he put his hands up in noticeable confusion and TikTok couldn’t get enough of his expression.

Lil Pump gets roasted on TikTok in response to not being recognized in Japan

Rapper Lil Pump has become the target of internet jokes after a video surfaced of groups casually walking past him in Japan. Footage of the 22-year-old rapper, who was born Gazzy García and rose to fame in 2017 with a multi-platinum single titled Gucci Gang, went viral on social media on Monday. The allegedly viral clip has amassed 2 million views on TikTok, 7 million views on Twitter and many reactions on the Sad Cringe forum on Reddit.

The clip showed Lil Pump standing on a congested road looking confused as no one stopped for a photo or autograph. The rapper seemed to eagerly look around before finally giving up and shrugging at disinterested bystanders. The footage sparked a flurry of hilarity on the web, as observers criticized the artist’s confused reaction. I love when celebrities don’t get noticed and you can see it hurts their inner self, said a TikTok user. He could stay close to home with a Lil Pump t-shirt and I wouldn’t know who he was, said another Twitter user who swiped the Lil Pump rapper.

The rapper previously caused some controversy online when he supported Donald Trump for president in 2020, in any case, he appeared at a rally before the policy decision, in which the previous president coincidentally presented him as a “little pimp”. Undeterred by the misstep, he urged the crowd to vote for Donald Trump and not “sleepy Joe” (Biden). His endorsement of Donald Trump drew disdain from a number of different famous people, including supermodel Bella Hadid, who openly called Lil Pump “irresponsible” and a “loser”.

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