WATCH: Lil Tjay Finally Speaks Out After Surviving Being Shot Seven Times


Rapper Lil Tjay finally has something to say to his fans who survived a deadly attack on him where he was shot seven times. In June, Tjay fatally attacked him, so he took a break from rapping and performing. Because he had to undergo surgery. He survived seven shots on it and finally came up with a message for all his fans.

Read ahead to learn more about how Lil Tjay finally broke his silence and survived the deadly attack on him.

Rapper Lil Tjay was shot seven times in June

Although attacking rappers is nothing special now. Earlier we also came to know about such incidents where rappers attacked them fatally. However, this June. We had rapper Lil Tjay at The Promenade in Edgewater, New Jersey.

There, the rapper fatally attacked him. Where the attacker shot the rapper about seven times. Post which the rapper was immediately admitted for medical help. However, he has not been very active on his social media since then and has not been performing as well due to his serious condition.

Fans were worried about rapper Lil Tjay

Rapper Lil Tjay is famous among his fans. His millions of fans were saddened to learn of the attack on the rapper. Not only that, his fans keep wishing him a speedy recovery.

However, for all his concerned fans, he issued a statement that he is on the road to recovery. While he recently came up with something amazing for his fans as he survived a fatal attack on him in New Jersey. He gave a message to all his fans which surely gives an indication of the state of the rapper now.

Lil Tjay broke his silence as he attacked him with seven shots

After a difficult time dealing with fatal injuries, he had in New Jersey. Lil Tjay finally has a special message for his fans. He shared on Wednesday that it was tough for him with seven shots. Because most people don’t survive it. But he said he was “here for a reason.”

Let’s hope Lil Tjay is now thinking about going back to the studios. At the same time, he assured his fans that new music will definitely be coming from him soon. So fans would be eagerly waiting for him to get back to work.

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