We sleep in the dark if there is no light, I can’t cook if there is no light- Yomi Fabiyi baby mama call him out again


We sleep in the dark when there’s no light I can’t cook when there’s no light- Yomi Fabiyi baby mama call him again #spi #dark #light #cook #light #Yomi #Fabiyi #baby #mama # call Welcome BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Controversial actor Yomi Fabiya’s mum Grace Jimoh has started dragging him on social media again.

A mom of one in a series of posts reveals the inhuman thing Yomi did to her.

She wrote:

I had to travel to imo to be at peace and to have people around you messaged and asked if I moved to imo but I told you no I went to imo so everything will be in peace and quiet yomi after all i told you you still came and wrapped up every damn thing we already shared and later you came to wrap up the share you gave us we sleep in the dark if there is no light i can’t to cook if there is no light because I bought a stove top that I use even the phone you gave me as a gift when I gave birth you took it and I already gave away the old phones I used. You were still the one who asked me to banish or sell my traits that I used in school, including the gene and some other things.

In another post she wrote:

I’ve been fighting depression all alone with my baby for the last few weeks, I know a lot of people will say what’s wrong with me, but I’ve figured it all out.
Yomi, I read one of your posts where you said I was used to a mission or a mission that’s why I rushed, I got pregnant, this statement made me hate the guy, I resisted it because he never forced me. I will never forgive you. Like really? Do you think childbirth and pregnancy are worth wearing?
You didn’t even care about my mental health. I had problems throughout my stay with you. I cried almost every day just because you said your white ex wife saw a vision that I was just lying to you. You used every bit of her discussion on me even though you are pregnant. All I had with you were pure intentions, I never even thought anything bad about you, I never knew that all you had was a bad spirit towards me. God will judge you.

You said I forced a relationship on you because you’re a granny doll. You are older than me, you are almost 20 years old, you were supposed to be my teacher and so much more.
You ruined my relationship with my dad, to the point where my life is just stuck, I don’t know what to do, my dad was my provider and all, but is it possible for me to ask for anything from him again??? it is so? The only thing you’ve been missing is that you have a child. And that’s fine by you. Yomi, it is not necessary for us to get married, but please be kind. I just don’t know how and what to write to express myself. Oh god!!!! I just need to heal myself😭😭😭


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