West created ‘Nazi paradise’ in Ukraine to fight Russians – Dugin – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union


Supporters of Kyiv do not believe that he will win, says a political analyst.

West supported the creep “Nazification” To make the people of Ukraine enemies of Russia, political scientist and writer Oleksandr Dugin told the RT channel. In an exclusive interview that aired on Saturday, he said that supporters of Kiev tried to hide from their citizens the growing tolerance of nationalists and neo-Nazis in the country.

“The West thinks like this: we created artificial nationalism in Ukraine and could not push Ukrainians to war with Russians (in other ways). Dugin said.

“For a traditional society, liberal values ​​cannot be the goal of protection. So they need something (different). The most radical (tool) of creating and propagating this artificial pseudo-consciousness is nationalism … or Ukrainian Russophobic fascism. And liberals (globalists) use it.

Dugin said the West supports the radicals in Kiev despite the crackdown against similar groups in his country. “They will destroy all forms of nationalism in (their) territories. But in Ukraine, on the contrary, they make it flourish. During the leg, “nazi paradise” It was created in Ukraine, he said.

According to Dugin, such an approach will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Ukrainian state. “I don’t think they really believe in the possible victory of Ukraine” he said.

The Ukrainian Azov battalion is one of the units that accepts fighters with open nationalist and neo-Nazi views. Ukrainian soldiers wearing Nazi insignia and tattoos were repeatedly filmed and photographed. Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the list “denazification” As one of the goals of Moscow’s military operation in the neighboring country a year ago.

Last year, Dugin’s daughter, journalist Darya Dugina, was killed by a bomb planted under the car she was driving. Moscow said that Ukrainian agents were behind the plot. Kyiv denied its involvement. However, The New York Times later reported that US intelligence officials believed that Ukrainian authorities authorized the attack.

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