What Happened to Idan Ohayon? TikTok star Dies at 28


The social media star, known for posting about her adoration of food and allegedly mocking her weight, has died aged just 28. Israeli online sensation Idan Ohayon sadly passed away last night and tributes have proactively poured in from his adoring fans. His latest Instagram posts were flooded with comments from a good portion of his 45,000 followers who couldn’t believe the terrible news. With his huge following on Instagram and 115,000 fans on TikTok and thousands on YouTube, he was one of the most notable influencers in his native Israel. He often made videos of himself eating and didn’t hesitate to chuckle at his own weight. The star was recently cast in a documentary reality show reportedly called ‘The Creatoks’ where he and other influencers sought the title of the best content creator in Israel.

Idan Ohayon reportedly died at the Barzilai Clinical Center in Ashkelon. Idan Ohayon’s family confirmed that the cause of his death was a medical condition and that his memorial service will be held at the Kiryat Gat cemetery. Idan Ohayon took a break from social media for a while, but confirmed his return in an interview a few months ago. He told Ynet: At some point I decided to get back on social media, so I uploaded a video on TikTok. I unexpectedly got to 300,000 views in 24 hours, so I posted another video and another and the views just kept coming. I went back to my previous lifestyle and got a lot of followers and it was cool. Individuals even remembered me as I walked around the city requesting selfies.

Idan Ohayon, Israeli TikTok star known for mocking his own obesity, dies aged 28

Israeli social media star Idan Ohayon reportedly died overnight Tuesday at the Barzilai Clinical Center in Ashkelon at the age of 28. Idan Ohayon was a content creator with a large following on various social media platforms. The family said the cause of his death was medical and his memorial service was held Wednesday at the Kiryat Gat cemetery. Idan Ohayon reportedly leaves behind a mother, brother and sister. In his videos, Ohayon often affirms his affection for food and does not hesitate to laugh at himself and his weight. With over 115,000 followers on the TikTok platform, 45,000 on his Instagram account and a large number of YouTube subscribers on his channel, he is reportedly considered a prominent and notable influencer in Israel.

His latest Instagram posts were loaded with many messages from his followers on his Instagram account who appreciated him and fought to process the pathetic messages. A few months ago, he was featured in a documentary-reality TV show called The Creators, alongside other big internet influencers who were reportedly seeking the title – Israel’s Best Content Creator in said documentary.

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