What Happened To Rich Boy? Where Is Rich Boy Now? What’s Going On With rapper?


American rapper Rich Boy was arrested after a dispute with his parents. Recently, there was a public report that the rapper had a fight with his parents. After that, the rapper is in police custody. But what exactly happened that led to his arrest?

Read ahead to learn more about rapper Rich Boy, who is facing arrest for a violent fight with his parents.

Who is Rich Boy?

Popular by his stage name Rich Boy, his real name is Marece Benjamin Richards. He is from Mobile, Alabama. By profession, the rapper got his famous song “Throw some D’s”. Which came way back in 2006.

In 2009, another song of his called “Drop” also became famous. Which eventually also gained popularity with a lot of remixes. He dropped out of college and became a rapper. He ended up collaborating with some great music artists. While he also came up with some of his solo songs. Don’t miss out, there was a hip hop rapper news recently that shocked everyone.

What happened to rapper Rich Boy?

Rapper Rich Boy recently came into the limelight due to his fight with his parents. AL.com reports that the rapper was arrested on September 30th. The charges against him are two to three degrees of domestic violence. One charge is for harassment.

While the other one is for assault. According to sources, he had some arguments with his parents and was arrested and taken to the Mobile jail. Meanwhile, the news of his arrest has already spread on the Internet.

Rapper Rich Boy Net Worth

As sources now claim about the arrest of rapper Rich Boy. Netizens wondered about the rapper’s net worth. Although big hits don’t often come from a rapper. However, we do have a hint about his net worth.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, we have an estimated net worth of rapper Rich Boy around $300,000. Although we have no information about the rapper’s assets and it is his music career that is the main source of his income.

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