What Happened to Thomas Jaraczeski? what did he do? Where Is He Now?


Thomas Jaraczeski, the prime suspect in the murder of Bryan Rein, caused a lot of buzz when the infamous murder of Montana’s veterinarian happened. The same murder is set to be covered in an upcoming episode of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Mystery In Big Sky Country on NBC. Viewers will learn everything about the murder and its suspect on September 6. But where is Thomas Jaraczeski now?

Read ahead to learn more about Thomas Jaraczeski, the prime suspect in Bryan Rein’s murder.

The infamous Bryan Rein murder

One of the infamous murders of Bryan Rein, which took place in 1996, shook the whole world. Bryan Rein was a veterinarian practicing in a Montana town who fell in love with Ann Wishman. Ann was the ex-girlfriend of Thomas Jaraczeski. However, their relationship didn’t last long before she fell in love with Bryan.

The turning point for Bryan and Ann came when Thomas began to dislike their relationship. Thomas tried his best to get back to Ann, but it didn’t work. But things changed for everyone when Bryan was murdered on July 14, 1996. Thomas Jaraczeski was the prime suspect in the murder.

Who is Thomas Jaraczeski?

Thomas Jaraczeski and Ann Wishman knew each other in high school. Their relationship lasted more than four years. However, Ann later left the relationship and began seeing Bryan Reino, a veterinarian from Montana.

Thomas was definitely not happy with Ann’s new relationship, but he still tried to convince Ann to come back. After trying everything he could, he even went to confront Bryan at his house. Thomas continued to throw bricks at Bryan’s house and even tried to break into Ann’s house to take her personal diary.

Where is Thomas Jaraczeski now?

After Bryan’s murder in 1996, it was Thomas who was considered the prime suspect in the murder. He was arrested in 1998 but was eventually released due to a lack of evidence to prove he murdered Bryan. In 1999, Thomas moved to Sioux Falls to start his life over. He married there and also had two sons.

But in 2008, his wife divorced him, accusing him of domestic violence. The charges were eventually dropped. But in 2014, Thomas was arrested again. The investigative team apprehended another suspect and that was Larry Hangenbuch. Still, the case failed to find the real culprit of the murder. Meanwhile, no one currently knows where Thomas Jaraczeski lives.

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