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Although the deadline for filing tax returns is not for another month or so, many people have chosen to file early this time.

If you find yourself in this boat, you’re probably playing the waiting game, hoping that your tax refund check will arrive any day now. Below is information on how to check the status of your state and federal tax refund.

State reimbursement status

Illinois residents are encouraged to use two different tools. First, the Where’s My Refund system verifies that the state Department of Revenue has initiated the refund process after the payer’s tax return has been processed.

If IDOR has already started the refund process, taxpayers can visit the Illinois Comptroller’s website, which has a “Find Illinois Tax Refund” system.

Both tools require the taxpayer’s name as well as their social security number.

According to IDOR’s website, if there’s a difference between the refund you’re entitled to and the refund you received, the state will send a notification within 7 to 10 business days.

According to experts and the IRS, these are the most common mistakes to avoid when filing your taxes.

Federal compensation status

Anyone who needs to check the status of federal returns you can do this through the IRS website. Taxpayers must enter their Social Security number or tax ID, their filing status, and the exact amount they expect to receive from their refund.

Taxpayers must wait at least 24 hours if they file an electronic return, and four weeks for a status check if they file a paper return.

For those requesting returns from previous years, taxpayers must wait three to four days after e-filing.

Things to remember:

The state says refunds typically take longer because of increased efforts to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Using direct deposit rather than a paper check will speed up the repayment process, officials said.

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