Where to buy “JAMIE North American tour 2022” Tickets, Dates, and Venue


Jamie, the South Korean artist recently announced her North American tour and fans are really excited about it. Well, towards the end of this year we have a lot of tours and festivals coming from artists. Therefore, in between all of that, we’ll even have Jamie’s North American tour. So when does it start?

Read ahead to find out more about Jamie’s 2022 North American tour and all the updates.

Jamie’s 2022 North American tour dates have been announced

Only the last quarter of 2022 is left and we have Jamie coming up with her tour this year. Jamie’s fans are so genuinely excited to get her to perform live. Luckily, we already have her North American tour dates announced.

So don’t miss out and mark your calendars as the tour kicks off on October 10th this year. It will finally end on October 23rd of this year. Lest I forget, Modo-Live announced Jamie’s tour date on August 23rd.

What’s special about Jamie’s 2022 North American tour?

Jamie’s 2022 North American tour is titled One Bad Night, kicking off October 10th in Los Angeles, California. While the next show will take place on October 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The 15th will be in Toronto, Ontario. Next, on the 17th he will be in Brooklyn, New York.

On October 19, he will have it in Dallas, Texas. The 21st will have her in Seattle, Washington. We will have it in San Francisco on the 23rd. Luckily, we also have ticket details for Jamie’s tour. So don’t miss the ticket details right here.

Ticket details for Jamie’s 2022 North American tour

With Jamie’s North American tour just around the corner. Ticket sales for Jamie’s tour started a long time ago. Back on August 24th, we started pre-sale tickets at 8:00 PM EST. While the general sale started on August 29 this year.

Tickets are available from Unbound Entertainment Group. While another website where you can have tickets is Modo Live website. Lest I forget, the starting price for a ticket is $45. So if you want to take part in the tour, don’t miss the tickets.

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