Where to watch Fair Play documentary on streaming


It’s been an impressive year for film fans, and we’re definitely not excluding documentaries.

OF Tinder cheater on Fire of lovea wide range of topics have been covered in non-fiction filmmaking in 2022 so far.

However, it goes without saying that there is much more to where it came from.

The latest attention-grabber is Fair Play by filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, based on Eve Rodsky’s New York Times bestseller of the same name.

It’s now available to watch, so here’s where you can watch the Fair Play documentary.

Fair Play trailer | Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Official YouTube

Where to watch the documentary Fair Play

Fair Play is now streaming in the US on platforms such as Amazon Video, Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube and Google Play.

A UK streaming release date has yet to be announced.

It is available for both rent and purchase. For example, Amazon Video offers a movie to rent for $4.99 (HD) / $3.99 (SD) or to buy for $9.99 (both HD and SD).

Once borrowed, you have 30 days to start watching and seven days to finish from the beginning.

You can also check out the movie site here.

What is Fair Play about?

For those who have heard the great word but are unfamiliar with the subject matter, Fair Play serves as an exploration of the challenges women face when it comes to balancing career, home life and family.

At the center of the film is the aforementioned Eva, who takes on the challenge of changing the attitudes and dynamics of this juggling act.

It follows three families and tries to reveal how even the smallest details in many people’s home lives actually stem from systemic problems that affect millions of people.

The project was created in partnership with Hello Sunshine and features a range of interviewees and guests, including people from Melinda French Gates to American politician Katie Porter.

Resident | Season 6 Trailer | FOX



Resident | Season 6 Trailer | FOX





“Fair Play was the canary in the coal mine”

Eve was recently interviewed by Forbes and was asked if she originally envisioned Fair Play as a documentary:

“At first I couldn’t even publish the book! Every agent said that no one would want to read a book about chores and housework. I’m told women have it better than men now. People said things like, ‘What do you have to complain about, now you’re getting more college degrees than men. You get up at the workplace. Why would you bring up the lawsuits from the 1990s again?

She continued: “But I could see a burnout crisis unfolding before my eyes. Women told me that they could not live like this any longer. They were literally dying under the weight of stress. Fair Play was the canary in the coal mine.”

Fair Play is now streaming on demand.

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