Where to watch Pearl and movie release date explained


A strong argument could be made that Ti West remains criminally underappreciated in the mainstream.

The 41-year-old American filmmaker has given such horror master classes as House of the devil, Innkeepersand Holiness. He even branched out into westerns with In the valley of violence in 2016, it offers humor and gun action in equal measure.

Although after about nine years he finally returned to the genre that brought him to A24 Xwhich perhaps won him more fans than any previous film.

Fortunately, fans of the 1979 slasher opened the door for a trilogy. Here’s where you can watch Pearl…

Pearl trailer | A24 YouTube

Where to watch Pearl and movie release date

Pearl will be released exclusively in cinemas on Friday 16 September 2022 on A24.

This is the US release date, while the UK and other territories have yet to be announced. A streaming release date for the Pearl hasn’t been announced either, so the big screen is the only option.

Those in the US can now check local showtimes and tickets on Fandango.

As for what to expect, Pearl is a prequel X and takes place much earlier than its predecessor in 1918, during WW1. Mia Goth reprises the title role, and we now get a chance to meet the character in her youth.

Stuck on the family farm, she must care for her father under the watchful eye of her mother as she dreams of a life outside the barns.

Who plays in the cast of Pearl?

With that being set up long before Xthe cast was pretty rocked and you can check out the main cast and their roles below:

  • Mia Goth as Pearl
  • David Corenswet as projectionist
  • Tandi Wright as Ruth
  • Matthew Sunderland as Pearl’s father
  • Emma Jenkins-Purro as Mitzy
  • Alistair Sewell as Howard

Significant other | official trailer



Significant other | official trailer






“He’s not just a cold-blooded killer”

Mia recently opened up about Pearl’s origin story when she spoke to the comic and shared an insight into the character:

“I definitely think that the Pearl that we meet in Pearl is definitely a product of her environment and that’s what drives her throughout the film, really. If she had grown up in a different time, perhaps with different parents who would have been more supportive and encouraging, I don’t believe she would have taken the path she is on…”

She continued, “… that’s really what helped me empathize with her as a character, really. It’s not just this cold-blooded killer. He’s really making the best of what he’s got.”

Pearl opens in theaters on Friday, September 16, 2022.

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