Where was The School For Good And Evil filmed?


Netflix has become home to teen-oriented fantasy stories in recent years, and its latest effort, School of Good and Evil, is one of its biggest yet.

The huge film tells the story of two best friends who find themselves on opposite sides of the titular school, which is full of magical creatures and hidden secrets.

Magical rivalry aside, The School of Good and Evil is a location ripe for exploration, but where exactly was the movie filmed and what real-life locations were used to create this fantastical land?

School of Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix



School of Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix






School of Good and Evil: Release Date and Plot Preview

The School of Good and Evil lands on Netflix on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

Based on the novel of the same name by Soman Chainani, the film tells the story of best friends Sophie and Agatha, who share an unlikely bond.

Sophie dreams of running away from her life to become a princess, while Agatha has the makings of a brooding witch.

But when a powerful force sweeps the pair into the School of Good and Evil, their roles are reversed, with bright-eyed Sophie placed in the School of Evil, while brooding Agatha is inducted into the School of Good.

The pair hope to reclaim their rights, but magical rivalries and ominous obstacles stand in their way.

The School of Good and Evil © Netflix | Gilles Mingasson

Where was School of Good and Evil filmed?

School of Good and Evil was filmed mainly in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Filming of the project began in January 2021 and ended after seven months in July of the same year.

Much of the filming of the film took place on sound stages, with Belfast’s Harbor Studios and Loop Film Studios hosting the cast and crew.

Filming locations also include several notable locations across Belfast, including St Peter’s Church, St Anne’s Cathedral, Mount Stewart, Ulster Folk Museum, Clandeboye Estate, Castle Archdale and Antrim Road.

The terrifying scenes of Blue Forest were filmed on location in the Big Dog and Woodburn forests outside of Belfast.

The School of Good and Evil © Netflix | Helen Sloan

Other projects shot in Belfast

Belfast has become an increasingly popular location for production crews in recent years, with IMDb reporting that nearly 700 films and TV shows have been filmed in and around the city.

Some of the biggest projects to have been filmed in Belfast include the 2022 film The Northman, TV series Derry Girls and Line Of Duty, as well as Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical film Belfast.

However, Game of Thrones is probably the most famous production to have filmed in and around Belfast, but while the original series was filmed in Northern Ireland, its prequel series House Of The Dragon is not, preferring to film in England, as well as elsewhere in Europe.

The School of Good and Evil © Netflix | Helen Sloan

The School For Good And Evil is now available to stream on Netflix following its October 19, 2022 release.

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