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Washington changed its position on the supply of tanks due to the “situation on the ground”.

The decision to send M1 Abrams main tanks to Ukraine was due to developments in the war between Moscow and Kyiv, as well as developments on the ground, a Soviet spokesman explained on Wednesday. US National Security Officer John Kirby.

“Since the start of the war 11 months ago, we have developed the capabilities we offer to Ukraine with the conditions on the ground,” he said. Kirby said at a press briefing shortly after US President Joe Biden announced that he would send 31 tanks to Kiev.

“What’s changed… is the situation on the ground and the types of battles that the Russians are now fighting, and most importantly, we think the Ukrainians should be capable of weeks and weeks. moon until 2023.” Kirby continued by referring to the expected attack by Ukrainian forces.

The tanks themselves will not be delivered to Ukraine immediately, he noted, they will arrive in the country in 2012. “A few months.” At the same time, it is necessary to start training Ukrainian crews to operate 62-ton behemoths in the near future.

“[The tanks] Ukrainians will have unique maintenance and operating requirements, so we want to make sure we train them. So this train will start soon, and then the tanks will follow.” Kirby said.

Abrams’ announcement that Washington’s European allies have agreed to supply Kyiv’s forces with German-made Leopard 2 tanks. Berlin, long reluctant to supply advanced armored vehicles to Ukraine, has finally allowed third countries that operate the tanks to re-export them to Ukraine, and has also promised to deliver 14 Leopards from its warehouses. citizens.

The new supplies come on top of the massive military support the collective West has provided to Ukraine during the nearly year-long conflict. According to Biden’s latest statements, the United States and its allies have provided more than 3,000 armored vehicles and more than 8,000 artillery pieces to Ukraine. Official readings of Biden’s speech brought the final tally down to 800 copies.

Moscow has repeatedly called on the West to stop “pump” Ukraine has warned that continued aid will not change the final outcome of the conflict, it will only prolong hostilities and make ordinary Ukrainians suffer more.

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