Who is boyinaband and when did he leave Youtube?


Boyinaband is an English YouTuber, rapper and musician best known for his blogs and music content. The content creator, also known as Dave Brown, has over 3 million subscribers, although his last video was posted over two years ago.

Boyinaband Youtube Timeline

Boyinaband created their Youtube channel in 2007; he was in a band called ‘You and What Army’ at the time. At the beginning of his channel, he focused only on music content, but when the band broke up in 2014, he expanded into content creation.

In 2015, he released his most famous video “Don’t Stay in School”, the original song received over 46 million views. The lyrics criticized subjects and topics taught in school and their relevance to real life.

Later in 2015, he stopped posting as often due to personal issues. During this period, he made videos titled “I hate myself” and “Response to hateful comments ‘Don’t stay in school'”.

In 2016, he recorded the song “I’m not dead” with the caption “I tried to be as honest as possible”. Describing his state of mind at the time, he shared in the song, “Lately I still can’t focus, I don’t feel like creating.”

He posted intermittently during this period, but the first video discussing his mental health that followed was in 2018. The video is titled “Shaving my stupid beard (and describes my crippling depression)” in which he shares details about his depression with subscribers . in the past few years and plans to record more often.

Collaboration on Youtube

Boyinaband’s most famous collaboration is the song ‘Congratulations’ with fellow YouTubers PewDiePie and Roomie. The diss track got over 220 million views and 10 million likes and India even banned the controversial song.

Boyinabanda’s last post and departure from Youtube

Boyinaband has not uploaded a video on Youtube since 2019, his last post was a vlog video discussing millennials. The title was “Why Millennials WHY?! Google Feud (with my sad friend Roomie). His disappearance sparked interest from followers and subscribers to learn more.

In a YouTube community post from 2020 to 2021, Boyinaband explained the hiatus and spoke in depth about his mental health issues.

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