Who Is Ivan Niklov? Check Wiki Biography Age and His Boxing Records


Ivan Nikolov is one of the famous boxers fighting in the ring today, the middleweight fighter came from Bulgaria. The boxer recorded a slow record in the ring, where he achieved three victories. But at the same time, the boxer failed in a total of 16 competitors and two competitions without competition. All boxing enthusiasts want to learn Nikolov’s boxing record. Well, many fans are trying to get details about boxing records while some are also looking for Ivan Nikolov. Get more information about who is Ivan Nikolov boxing career and other details.

Who is Ivan Nikolov?

According to the latest updates, the 43-year-old Bulgarian started his boxing career in 2017. The Bulgarian has a record of 3-16-2. He hit his last game of 2019 and is 0-10-1 in his last 11 games. As we mentioned above, the boxer is struggling in the ring and is unable to break his losing streak. He is on an eight-game losing streak after being defeated in his most recent bout against Petar Dragonov in the month of July. Nikolov lost the fight after being knocked down by his opponent.

It was his 9th out of 16 losses in which he was knocked down in a match. By the time he started his boxing journey in the month of 2017 and has been in the ring for 5 consecutive years. He started boxing at the age of 38, which is quite unusual for any boxer, as many boxers retired many years ago, but Nikolov showed great courage and did not give up. Many boxing enthusiasts believe that it is a boxer’s age that bars him from winning. But initially he performed brilliantly in all his matches. The sudden drop in his performance is quite disappointing for his fans.

In addition, the Bulgarian boxer won two of the three upcoming fights, but all of them were free fights, of which the boxer won only one fight. The last fight in which Nilov triumphed took place in 2019. The boxer’s next fight is scheduled for August 27, 2022 at the O2 in London, where Ivan Nikolov locked horns against KSI.

The schedule information was released by a major famous sports media organization. We will get back to you with more information about the boxer’s upcoming matches and other personal details. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information and latest updates.

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