Who Is Muhammad Syed Arrest Footage: Albuquerque Muslim Killings Suspect In Custody


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According to reports, Muhammad Syed, a 51-year-old man, was arrested by officials on Monday, August 15, 2022. The man is said to have murdered two Muslim men in Albuquerque and was the prime suspect in the case. Now Syed has been taken into custody. But he refuses to confess to his crime and claims that he has no involvement in it. Albuquerque police have charged a man with two counts of murder. Check out more details about the case in the article below to find out exactly what happened.

Officials believe that Muhammad Syed is connected to the gruesome murders. According to reports, officials arrested Syed in Santa Rosa, New Mexico after arriving at his home with a search warrant. The man reportedly drove off in a gray Volkswagen Jetta, but authorities tracked him down and stopped him more than 100 miles away. Officers also released footage of the arrest, which went viral on the Internet. It depicts a middle-aged man resisting arrest. The investigation into the case appears to be ongoing as officials try to gather more details.

Footage of Muhammad Syed’s arrest

At a news conference, Albuquerque Police Department Deputy Cmdr. Kyle Hartsock said they have not yet determined a motive for the murders and are doing their best to uncover it as soon as possible. Officials also said they have evidence that may prove Muhammad Syed knew the victims and that they believe an interpersonal conflict may have led to the shooting. However, it is not confirmed yet. APD’s Hartsocl said they have some information about the events that are taking place, but it’s not really clear to them if it was intentional or not.

The report confirms that 27-year-old Muhammed Afzaal Hussain and 41-year-old Aftab Hussein are among the victims. Both victims were Muslims from Pakistan. Muhammad Syed is said to have killed the said victims, who were found dead on 1 August and 27 July. Apart from them, the other victims are Naeem Hussain from Pakistan, who was murdered on August 5, and Mohammad Ahmadi from Afghanistan, who was killed in November. Let’s state that all the people who were killed were Muslims. As mentioned, the investigation to determine the motive of the killer is still ongoing. Stay connected with us for more such updates and latest news.


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