Who Is Ryan Marlow? Brain Dead Pastor Shows Signs of Life


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Recently, a news hit the internet that on August 27, 2022, 37-year-old Pastor Ryan Marlow was declared brain dead in a miraculous incident and started showing signs of life after a video of his children was played. The pastor was suffering from a disease called listeria. According to his life partner Megan Marlow, doctors informed her that his illness had caused brain swelling and he had suffered “neurological death”. The news is making headlines on social media as many people search his news for more information. Here we have more information about the news and we will share with you in this article so let’s continue with the article.

According to the report, Ryan’s family arrived at the hospital to say their final goodbyes to Ryan on September 30, 2022. When Mragn arrived at the hospital, her niece said that his legs inexplicably started moving after he was shown videos of his children. Megan always kept up to date with Ryan’s illness and updates via Facebook. In one video, she said, “My heart couldn’t bare it.” She also said, “There was literally a team waiting there to take him and tell the nurse” to stop everything now.

As far as we know, when the CT scan was done, it showed a result that no one even thought of, and Megan said that her husband did not die and the doctors made a mistake. She claimed he still suffered a traumatic brainstem injury and remained in an essential coma. She went on to say, “He’s not brain dead, my friends.” According to the doctors, he should be in the funeral home right now. Scroll down the page for more information on what’s new.

Marlow said her husband showed some great tell-tale signs, including an increased heart rate and occasional movement. Ryan is a Baptist pastor and piano technician who owns his own business. But according to Marlowe’s current Facebook post, “Dr. doesn’t expect Post further updated,” He had a CT scan done and the doctor discussed possibly modifying the drain with neurosurgery to help with the swelling and luckily no changes in the bleeding. Here we shared all the information we had. Stay tuned for more updates.


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