Who was the military high command killed by the CJNG in Coalcomo, Michoacán


Hector Miguel Vargas Carrillo assumed command of the 65th Infantry Battalion in Coalcomán in April 2022. Photo: Twitter/@SSeguridad_Mich

are members Jalisco is a new generation cartel (CJNG) attacked and killed Infantry colonel of the Mexican Army, Hector Miguel Vargaswhile on patrol with his companions in the municipality coal miner, Michoacán.

According to the details, the elements Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) patrolled the community dry canyonterritory adjacent to the municipality the eagleplace of birth Nemesio Ruben Oseguera CervantesnicknameMencho“, the leader CJNG.

Six of his companions were seriously injured in the attack and were airlifted to the 43rd Military Region in Apatzingan Municipality.

Hector Miguel Vargas was Commander of the 65th Infantry Battalion He assumed the position in April 2022 after serving as second in command at the 76th Infantry Battalion in Parral, Chihuahua.

The commander from Tamaulipas entered Heroic Military College In 1988. During his military training, Vargas attended command and staff courses at the Escuela Superior de Guerra. After holding various administrative and economic positions, he was finally promoted to the rank of colonel in 2021.

According to the news agency EFE, the army colonel was conducting a reconnaissance operation with his bodyguards when the people who attacked him allegedly CJNG, they used trucks with improvised armor called “monsters”. When they got out of military vehicles to escape the gunmen’s fire, they used said vehicles to run over the soldiers.

CJNG militants attacked the military in Coalcomo.  Photo: BLACK ROOM
CJNG militants attacked the military in Coalcomo. Photo: BLACK ROOM

Colonel Vargas, 49, was hit by one of the trucks and seriously injured. After a gunfight, the assailants fled, and military commando escorts administered first aid to him while he waited for the helicopter to arrive. Hospital of the 43rd Military Regionwhere did he die?

The high military command was involved in the arrest Rosario Israel Montes Rodriguezalias “22”, lieutenant CJNG and was the primary target of federal authorities designated as one of the operators of this criminal organization coal miner. Montes Rodríguez was arrested along with others who were found in possession of weapons, money and drugs.

At the same time, Mexican Army and Civil Guard Last Sunday, they arrested a woman known as “Almilla,” Alma Antonia Calderon Garcia. Oseguera Cervantes In the Tierra Caliente region. These important arrests may be the motive of the members of the organization CJNG They decided to take revenge.

Disruption of CJNG in Agililla

In May 2021 CJNG Aguililla announced his official break with the narcotics that ensured the expulsion of his opponents. United cartels, Revuelta and Viagra. The announcement sparked a wave of violence in the region, with bloody battles between drug-trafficking gangs and self-defense groups.

In May 2021, CJNG announced its official breach in Agililla.  Photo: Infobae Mexico
In May 2021, CJNG announced its official breach in Agililla. Photo: Infobae Mexico

After several months of filming Secretary of National Defense In February 2022, Aguililla announced the arrival of hundreds of soldiers and vehicles in the municipality.

The military had to break a civilian blockade in front of a small army base in the municipality, which prevented the military from entering those facilities.

“Traffic and social peace have been restored, and law and order have been strengthened in 43 settlements located in the municipalities of Aguililla, Buenavista, Coalcoman and Tepalcatepec, as well as conditions that allow residents to return to their homes. houses and agricultural products of the area can be collected and sold,” Sedena said at the time.

Video: Mexican National Guard / FB.

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