Why did Michael Myers let Corey go in Halloween Ends?


Ever since John Carpenter’s Halloween was released in 1978, the fictional town of Haddonfield has been home to terror.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode has probably gone down as the most iconic final girl, and perhaps no mask is more iconic than that of Michael Myers. This pairing is forever enshrined in the horror hall of fame, so it’s no surprise that the filmmakers can’t help but bring them back. Halloween II, Halloween: H20 and of course David Gordon Green’s Halloween.

The 2018 film and Halloween Kills had them in the middle, but the final film in the trilogy, Halloween Ends, is a huge shift and brings Corey Cunningham’s new character to the fore.

However, with his inclusion, the question arises… why did Michael Myers let Corey go?


The final Halloween trailer ends | Universal Pictures YouTube

Why did Michael Myers let Corey go in Halloween Ends?

Michael finally lets Corey go after their eyes meet as he experiences visions of the suffering and hardship Corey has been through.

From this point on, the two share a common connection, and Corey embarks on his own murder spree, gradually moving into his new Haddonfield haunt. Considering this, it is strongly implied that Michael understood the potential in Corey to turn evil.

With Michael weaker, he found someone to take over and haunt the streets he once terrorized. After this meeting, they basically become one and the same, but it was probably not a chance meeting, but a fateful one.

In the original Halloween, Laurie sits in a classroom and looks out the window while the teacher gives a lecture about fate. Indeed, the circumstances of Michael and Corey’s meeting suggest that it was fate that brought them together, with Corey destined to become the town’s spiritual successor to Michael.

This is reinforced at the end of the film when Laurie writes in her book that evil doesn’t die, it just changes shape.

Who plays Corey in Halloween Ends?

Corey is portrayed by Rohan Campbell.

The 25-year-old Canadian actor has starred in a number of shows in recent years, including Virgin River (played by Lonergan), The Hardy Boys (Frank Hardy), iZombie (Murphy), The 100 (Dave) and Unspeakable (Eric Doncaster).

On the other hand, movies include Broken Diamonds (Ice Cream Scooper), Operation Christmas Drop (Travis) and Boundaries (Masked Man).

Halloween ends | official trailer



Halloween ends | official trailer






“Everyone can have their own story”

Speaking with ScreenRant, Rohan said there was significant room for interpretation with Corey:

“What’s special about this movie, and what I wanted and intended to do, was to make a movie, as you said, where everyone can choose. Everyone can have their own story about what’s going on and what’s understandable.”

He added: “You said it beautifully. I would love for the audience to say, “No! Yes!'”

Halloween Ends is in theaters and airing on Peacock.

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