Why Is Mrbeast Getting Cancelled In 2022?


MrBeast is an American YouTube personality and his real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He has been credited with pioneering a type of YouTube video that focuses on expensive stunts. His main YouTube channel, ‘MrBeast’, is the fifth most subscribed channel on the YouTube platform. He started posting videos on YouTube in mid-2012 at the age of 13, under the handle “MrBeast6000”, his original content transitioned from Let’s Plays to “videos reviewing a plethora of other YouTubers”. MrBeast went viral in 2017 after his “count to 100,000” video got a huge number of views in just a few days and since then he has gradually risen to fame with most of his videos getting huge views. .

Over time, his content style has differentiated to include videos with challenges and giveaways that reward large amounts of dollars, videos with challenging tasks or endurance challenges, and original vlogs. When his channel took off, he hired some of his childhood friends to help him run the growing brand. As of 2022, the MrBeast group consisted of 60 individuals. MrBeast is ‘taken down’ by the internet in 2022 for one of his videos, but what exactly did the YouTuber do? The YouTuber has made several videos on the YouTube platform and has gained a large following over the years. In any case, his new recent content idea seems to have landed him in some hot water, but there are other people coming forward to defend him.


MrBeast is reportedly suspended due to a video he uploaded on July 23rd. Titled ‘100 Girls vs 100 Boys for $500,000’, the video drew a lot of criticism from individuals. In it, boy and girl groups were supposed to compete for awards in different types of tasks. Both groups were in different rooms and given similar tasks. While the said video managed to get many views, individuals were upset with the YouTuber because MrBeast excluded individuals who would rather not be classified according to gender norms. Individuals were dismayed that he included anyone from the LGBTQ+ community in the video.

It didn’t take long for fans to come to MrBeast’s defense. Many have pointed out that MrBeast has focused on creating content that is engaging and engaging. They further added that the YouTuber has never spoken ill of any community and that individuals should only watch the video for entertainment purposes. One user noted that Mr. Beast, the man who bid nearly $13 million, is canceled. Not someone who doesn’t help the world. Someone who IS. No one can win anymore. Another user echoed a similar thought, stating, “Hey man, I just saw the video about you getting canceled for your boys vs girls video. To be honest, you didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, and I’m glad for you that you’re a particularly upright person. Keep up the good work man because no one on the planet is doing what you are currently doing.

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