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Buttock surgeries are becoming increasingly common in the global entertainment industry. The desire to have the curviest, sexiest and most amazing buttocks has increased the number of plastic surgeries such as implants, buttock augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts (BBL). A key draw for female celebrity fan bases, especially men, was their looks as much as their talent. The most talked about aspects of female entertainers are their beauty, breasts and asses.

Kim Kardashian is known for Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK), her multi-pance

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

le fashion and beauty businesses and her fantastic figure, which fans believe is “fake” due to a suspected implant. A prominent celebrity often faces rumors that her butt is surgically enhanced.

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The public usually compares photos of Kim before and after. She denied any evidence that she had undergone surgery. However, she admitted that she had some injections in her bum for psoriasis.

Whether Kim Kardashian’s buttocks are natural and hereditary has sparked several debates over the years. Kim constantly states on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that her bum is natural. In a 2011 episode of KUWTK, Kim further underwent an X-ray to prove that her buttocks were not surgically enhanced. The doctors on the show confirmed that buttocks are natural. However, some other experts argue for the possibility of other butt enhancement procedures that cannot be seen on an x-ray, such as transferring/injecting fat from another part of her body into the butt.

Although it is still hotly debated today, there is no doubt that she has a beautiful ass that attracts many men to her. Since prehistoric times, men have been obsessed with shapely butts. Kim Kardashian Instagram likes to support it. Some might argue that buttocks have overtaken breasts as the most scrutinized area of ​​the body.

The lack of quantitative study makes it difficult to provide a definitive answer. However, men’s lustful gazes have undoubtedly attracted women’s buttocks since the time of the Greeks and ancient Chinese dynasties. A recent study has suggested, albeit tentatively, that women’s buttocks may be more attractive to men than breasts. In terms of the relative erotic attractiveness of different sizes of female buttocks, the study focused on four main ethnic groups. The conclusion of the findings is interesting. Asians prefer “small to medium but shapely” butts; Caucasians want “full but not big” butts; Hispanics prefer “extremely full” buns; African-Americans crave the “fullest” buns.

According to sexologist Alfred Kinsey, the buttocks are the main sexual presentation point in humans. Breast fetishism, according to some anthropologists and sociobiologists, stems from the similarity of breasts to buttocks, but instead provides sexual desire for the body from the front.

Another scientific link is in a 2017 study using 3D models and eye-tracking technology, which found that more of a woman’s rear end affects how attractive others perceive her to be, capturing the gaze of both men and women.

Are Kim’s asses the industry standard?

The controversy surrounding Kim’s bum is among the most talked about in celebrity news. The KWUTK star has gained a significant following on social media and won the hearts of many fans. She also appealed to the good side of men. Her seemingly “natural” bottoms are not only charming to admirers, but have also set the industry standard for over a decade. Kim was both admired and despised for her wealth. But who cares? Because she messed with them in the mullah.

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Paper magazine’s Winter 2014 issue, featuring a cover image of Kim Kardashian by Jean-Paul Goude, is out to #BreakTheInternet. Although they didn’t physically “crack” it, they did, leading to a flood of publicity and criticism. And what was the topic? It was on the cover of the paper, a nude picture of Kim’s bottom.

Of course, the magazine expected from the beginning that there would be some controversy. Having Kim Kardashian in any form, let alone nude, in Paper was bound to stir up intrigue. The press, radio and television grabbed the photos and ran with the story, feigning shock and awe. Tweets, likes, shares, comments, Instagram posts, and memes generated some ass-inspired criticism that both delighted and angered.

Kim Kardashian has been photographed by many magazines over the years. W did a massive shoot; Vogue released exclusive photos of Kim and Kanye’s wedding; and British GQ featured them on the cover—none of which went viral like the 2014 Paper cover that won Kim a few followers.

A pop culture phenomenon in his own right, with work at the Louvre and other iconic photos to his credit, Jean-Paul Goude managed to get fans to stare for the first time at one of the world’s most photographed women. However, that would not be enough. For decades, Paper has recognized emerging talent in fashion, entertainment and the arts. With the advent of the Internet, it became harder for them to cut through the noise.

However, everything changed for the better with Kim. As a result, the cover featuring Kardashian, already one of the most famous women in the world, was to be the first salvo in the attack on the Internet. The original aim was to publish online simultaneously with the launch of the magazine. But seeing photos of Kim’s attractive bare bottoms changed everything. They were too eccentric. Fearing a leak, Paper shifted into gear and released the covers first. With the publication came the “internet breakthrough” of Kim. Due to fierce competition in the industry, the increase in plastic surgery options has become the norm. In an effort to compete for the attention that the Kardashian star has received, entertainers have come up with different ways to improve their butt.

Natural or surgically enhanced buttocks? What you should know

People are more and more interested in Kim’s appearance, especially her beautiful ass. There is a growing desire to own these objects of affection. While natural and genetic buttocks are fine, research has revealed several problems with artificial stimuli, particularly plastic buttock reconstruction. Butt implants have one purpose: to improve the shape of the butt. These can come as a way to increase the fullness, roundness or projection of the buttocks. Also, a desirable butt can improve the balance of a person’s body and increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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However, there are several alternative techniques to achieve this goal. Fat grafting and buttock implants are the two main types of procedures.

Buttock fat grafting, sometimes known as the “Brazilian butt lift,” is the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedure in its specialty, with rates more than doubling in the last five years. Butts have evolved as the erogenous zone of the new millennium, aided by celebrity icons appearing on TV and social media like Kim. This ass craze is likely due to primal communication suggesting that a woman with higher fat stores in this location is young, fertile, and in high estrous state.

A 2015 study from Mexico raised the first alarm about butt fat augmentation. The researchers demonstrated sudden intraoperative death from pulmonary fat embolism. Fat grafts showed 14 intraoperative deaths during lipo injection and 22 perioperative deaths). Fat stuck in the pulmonary arteries, right ventricle, and right atrium, all due to malformations and lacerations in the superior and inferior gluteal veins, was discovered at autopsies.

The gluteal veins are branches of the iliac vessels with a length of 25 to 30 mm connected to the vena cava and the cardiopulmonary circuit.

Kim Kardashian has set the industry standard by sprouting “natural” butts thanks to genetics. Her picture on the cover of Papír created a desire that other entertainers with desirable asses are also trying to fulfill. The desire is to have a “Kim-type ass”.

The use of various surgical means to achieve this is becoming more and more of a problem. This operation, often known as buttock or gluteal augmentation, has gained high popularity. According to one estimate by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, buttock augmentation surgery increased by 252 percent between 2000 and 2015.

The dangers of butt surgery

Every operation carries with it the risk of bleeding, infection and anesthetic reactions. The potential for buttock asymmetry, numbness, other changes in sensation, or the need for cosmetic adjustments always exists with plastic surgery to improve the view of the buttock.

If fat grafting is part of the surgery, liposuction carries certain risks. These risks include hemorrhage, fat necrosis, pneumothorax, hypertrophic scars, infection, abscesses, seromas, and cysts.

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The Brazilian butt lift is particularly dangerous, with the highest mortality rate of any cosmetic surgery. The highest risk is that a particle of the injected fat would enter the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism, a blockage of one of the arteries transporting blood to the lungs. Stinging in the buttocks after surgery can be an unpleasant sight. With the increased use of silicone implants, there is a risk of disintegration.

Kim experienced a dent in her buttocks after receiving a buttock injection for psoriasis. The KUWTK star also went through a period of shrinking her butt, which she attributes to natural forces. Unsupervised exercises are also not recommended for butt enlargement due to inherent risks. The desire to achieve specific body standards is usually not worth the surgical complications.

Final thoughts

The “perfect” butt has changed over the past decade with the rise of Kim Kardashian and other female celebrities with big butts. It’s admirable that big asses are having a moment because they’re stunning. Their appreciation comes only from prehistoric desire and lack of massive asses.

However, the concept of the “perfect” butt (or ideal body) is what motivates women and girls to desire different body types. There is a desire to have “Kim” type bums. Society has created changing standards. For example, society expects larger-sized people to be slimmer. Norms also claim that if you are thin, you are not a “real” woman because “real women have curves”. In addition to our culture’s fixation on women’s size and appearance, our standards of beauty have also changed.

All butts are good butts, and the “perfect” butt has evolved so much over the years that obsessing over it is pointless. Like it or not, Kim Kardashian has redefined what it means to be curvy and sexy in the industry. Despite the many controversies surrounding her butt, the KUWTK star has kept her natural butt. Appearing at various events, shows and dinners, Kim is constantly gaining recognition from more followers. Her bums are always a topic of conversation whenever she’s out in public. Even if there is no definitive proof that she has undergone butt surgery, the debate may continue for a while. But whatever it ends up being, there’s no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian changed the course of the “butt standard” in the entertainment industry.


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