Why Some People Are Jealous Of Bola Tinubu-Dele Alake


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Dele Alake, the Director of Strategic Communications at the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, says critics of Bola Tinubu’s godfatherism in Lagos are envious of his good deeds.

Paula Tinubu, a GPC candidate, was the governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007. Since then, he has expanded his political tentacles and gained influence in national politics through his allies.

Alec said on Channels TV’s Politics Today on Friday that while the concept of godfather has been given a negative connotation in Nigeria, there is nothing wrong with it if it is used to promote the greater good.

He said those criticizing the former ruler for being a godfather do not have the mental and financial capacity to achieve dominance.

“The idea of ​​godfatherism has been given a negative connotation in the Nigerian political vocabulary and from those who should not envy others, not because they do not want to be godfathers if they can work for it, if they have the mental capacity and the financial resources. to become godfathers,” he said.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with a godfather, as long as that godfather is of public service.”

“Awolowo, our esteemed sage, was the godfather because he produced many other rulers and Ahmadu Bello was the godfather because he gave many rulers.

They also mentored other leaders and served as positive godfathers.

“So basically there’s nothing wrong with having a godfather as long as you don’t like it.

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