“Worst train accident in Greek history”


At least 36 people were killed in a head-on collision between a freight train and a passenger train in the center of the country near midnight. According to Greek media, it is “the worst train accident Greece has ever seen”. Pictures of the difficult rescue work at the scene of the accident and collision.

Greece is in mourning and stress on the 1st Wednesdaythought As a result of a heavy collision between two trains at night in March, 36 people were killed and the carriages were crushed and burned.

Dozens of rescuers and firefighters were working around the remains of at least two partially charred locomotives, while thick smoke billowed from other damaged and overturned cars, AFP reported.

The restaurant car of a passenger train connecting Athens and Thessaloniki, the second city of Greece in the north of the country, caught fire during this collision, the source of which is still unknown.

Further, 200 kilometers from Athens, in the north of the city of Larisa (in the center), dozens of fire engines and ambulances are stationed along the railway line that runs along the road in the Tempe Valley.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life. This is a tragedy. Five hours later, we continue to find bodies,” a rescuer told AFP, breathless, after pulling two bodies out of the carriage under thick smoke.

Greek media say it is the worst railway tragedy the country has ever seen.

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According to the preliminary report of the firefighters, 36 people have died, and 66 people are still in hospital, including six in intensive care, according to the spokesperson of the Greek fire brigade.

“The death toll could be very high,” said regional governor Kostas Agorastos. “Cars 1 and 2 are no longer there at all,” he said on Skaï TV.

Firefighters do not have access to a longer wagon. The impact caused him to be almost completely crushed by another car that ran over him.

“It was total chaos.”

Injured, covered and drawn faces, the passengers explained to the Greek TV cameras that they were in “severe shock”.

“People were shouting and smashing windows to get out of cars. It was total panic,” a passenger told Skai TV.

Local news site ThessToday claimed another young man was “still in shock”. “We can hear passengers screaming for help!” he adds.

Some angry people are demanding an explanation from the railway company.

“When we stopped, I felt something was wrong. ‘(was) one track.

Families waiting for news about their loved ones at Thessaloniki train station, located in the north, are also sad.

The train was especially full of students traveling between Athens and Thessaloniki.

According to the mayor of Tempe, Yorgos Manolis, they returned after a long holiday in Greece due to a public holiday.

A young man is waiting for his company: “I’m afraid, I have no news, I expect the worst,” he explains to a Greek journalist.

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