YNW Melly Jail Release Date, Is YNW Melly Still in Jail 2022?


Rapper YNW Melly is back in the spotlight, but this time for his release from prison. Well, the famous rapper has been in the limelight ever since he was arrested on charges of murder. But now rumors of his release are going viral. So, is YNW Melly about to be released from prison?

Read ahead to know more about YNW Melly and all his latest updates.

Who is YNW Melly?

YNW Melly is a popular American rapper and singer. His real name is Jamell Maurice Demons. He is known for his songs like Murder On My Mind, Mixed Personalities, Suicidal and more. Aside from his career as a rapper, several other things have brought him into the limelight.

As of 2019, the rapper has been charged with two counts of first degree murder on him. Which sent him behind bars for life. However, there are now several reports of his release from prison where he is on murder charges.

YNW Melly

Will YNW Melly be released from prison?

Charge Melly with two counts of first degree murder. He was recently rumored to be released from the Broward County Jail in Florida. Meanwhile, he also tested positive for COVID-19. For this reason, it was possible that he could be released.

However, he appears to have been receiving treatment for COVID-19. But he is still in prison. His mother Julie went on to say that her son will be out of prison soon. Although she did not reveal when Melly will be released from prison. It was also a long time since he should have been released. But that didn’t happen because of COVID-19.

Is YNW Melly still in jail?

Well, yes, YNW Melly still remains in prison in 2022. In 2019, he was charged with the murders of two of his friends, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., for which he was guilty. Both Williams and Thomas died in 2018 after being shot.

Not only was rapper Melly charged with murder, but even another member of the group, Cortlen Henry, was found guilty. According to Miramar police, it was Melly who shot Thomas and Williams. While Henry assisted Melly in keeping the incident under wraps.

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